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Goodbye American Idol

What a sucky season. "Final season", almost. Simon's new show sounds like it's going to rock, and once he's gone what will there be left to watch on AI?

This finale is so painful to watch. Either it's especially horrible this year or I'm getting old: Two hours of singers, most I don't know, singing songs I don't like. Ten minutes until the end of the show and we still don't know who will win. (No surprise on that, I know.)

I should have googled to find the winner and saved myself this evening of annoying TV.

Happy! So You Think You Can Dance starts tomorrow! With Survivor ended (Best Season Ever), Thursdays were getting boring. It's really nice how SYTYCD starts just as American Idol ends.

Why yes, I do watch reality TV.

PS: And EEE! Big Brother is back this summer! My favorite reality show! :D

If you're not into reality TV and want something different, have an Easter bunny! (NWS!)

Edit: Holy crap, I thought this would be the third time in 10+ years that the person I wanted to win would win. There was only one person with talent the entire season, and that person did not win. I cannot believe this. (It's last season all over again!) I cannot believe this. Grrr, mumble, grumble. (It's not that I really cared all that much, but it was clear that only one person had talent, so I thought it'd be an easy choice... )
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