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Zuko is Russian

Last night I found an adult image I really liked. Naked woman, no bits shown but still NWS. It seemed a perfect fit for this comm I follow, no_standart_ero (non-standard erotica). Only thing is, the comm is Russian, and I don't speak a word of the language. Still, I posted it because I've enjoyed the other pictures posted there, so I wanted to give back.

I think people liked it? Running the comments through an online translator, I got... odd results. (In case you can't look at the image, there's a rock blocking parts of her.)

student's record. just want to rock with the right to remove)

brr))) sand)

ofigenno) (No clue what this one was supposed to be, guess the translator didn't either.)

Zuko likes girls! Who'd of thunk it! :P master_zuko wrote:

A pretty:)
no stone would be:)
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