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Welcome to 1992...

I feel like it's 1992 again. At my desk at work, I get 0-2 bars (out of five). Even a text-only page takes minutes to load. And pictures? Watching them load line by slow line... Takes a good five minutes or so to load my LJ flist. And, without tabs, if I click a link, I have to wait for the whole page to load again when done. Blah!

Edit, from my work machine: Yeah, so. 40 minutes and I haven't successfully loaded my flist once yet. Basically unusable at work. So what do I do now? Do they make rabbit ears to improve grabbing the G3 network? (Ha ha.) Basically right now I have a nearly $1,000 toy that does not do what I bought it for. I like it, I don't want to return it, but if it doesn't work here... (45 minutes of trying and it just failed to load it again!) I don't want to return it, but how do I make it work? (Getting my desk moved somewhere else isn't an option.)

Edit 2: Okay, non-LJ pages are being semi-more reasonable. Neither good nor fast, but they generally eventually load. Perhaps LJ is being dumb, or I need to change my setting to fewer posts per page.

Edit, final: Reducing the number of posts per page allows the pages to load almost without fail. Long, long, long delays, yes, up to five minutes for pictures (icons or in the post), but... that's okay enough for me to not want to return this. I can't use any game apps (apparently they run over the net, who knew!), but I think it's okay enough to keep. Whew.
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