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Grrr mumble iPad

It took me 35 minutes before I was finally able to reach the ever so graphics heavy Google main page. I haven't been able to successfully load a page other than that in an hour and a half. I still have the same 0-3 (generally 1 or less) bars as this morning, but suddenly no pages will load.

I have 14 days to return this thing (so 11 or so left), and I lose 10% of my purchase price if I return it. Plus postage, I'm sure, and it's a darned heavy little thing. So if I return it, I'm out about $100, plus all the time I've spent waiting and dealing with this, stressing over it, and the ever so fun trip to the mall yesterday. (Which I won't repeat, so I'll be out the $70 more for the case and special earphones.)

Mumble. I'll keep it through Friday (the end of jury duty week) and then decide over the weekend what I'm going to do. I was willing to deal with slow-as-hell loading pages, but totally not working is just pointless.
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