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Dim Sum: Thumbs Down

I tried dim sum for the first time today. Not a win in my book. I had three different kinds. Steamed with BBQ pork in it (came with 3 pieces), baked with BBQ pork (1), and fried with the same inside (3). The steam one confused me a tad (bread... yet cooked only with steam? Odd but okay texture) but it was probably the best of the bunch. I ate one of the three steamed ones. The fried ones were the worst (why were there mushrooms in the BBQ pork? YUCK. YUCK! Mushrooms! YUCK!). The baked one was meh.

Even with as little of it as I ate (one steamed, a bite of fried, half the baked one) it filled me up surprisingly well. Seeing how I paid about $6 for the whole thing, that's a great value. Any one of those (each of the three cost either $1 or $2 and change) would have been a filling meal. Still, I didn't like the flavor of any of them enough to go again.

I was surprised at how big each one was. I had thought that dim sum was sort of the same size as sushi pieces are, little two-bite things.

The place was new, but Yelp loved it to death -- 4.5/5 stars and 70-something reviews even though they just opened. I guess all those reviews came from people who knew they liked dim sum! Wish I had liked it as well, seemed like it would be a great place to get a cheap, filling meal.
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