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Friends make a bad day better! <3

It all started with a blog post. My WoW server has a site for IC character blogs. I wrote one. I included some tags on the post.

Everything exploded.

A simple four word tag sent a group of people into a rage. The idea of IC being different than OOC is a hard concept for some to grasp. In less than a day, my blog page had 731 page reads. The average blog gets well under 30. I got more comments than I had on all my other posts put together -- more comments than many pages of blog posts from everyone.

I called the mods in early on, and their opinion was that people really should understand the difference between IC and OOC. The comments only got worse and worse, including insults like calling me a "douchebag". (Flamewars are unknown on this site, or at least usually stamped out in their early stages. In this case, the mods had been busy RL.)

So basically, the day was spent with me reading about what a god awful person I was, how I was totally wrong (mods said just the opposite), etc.

Then I came home to find itsbacon had gotten me a gift! Silly, wonderful person that he is bought me my favorite pet, the one I really wanted and kept almost buying! The Northrend-style kite! I love those things so much! And it's so very, very IC for Haken to have one! Eeeeeee!

And if that wasn't enough, chryseth, itsbacon, and I have been doing MGT to get me the phoenix pet and white mount, and eeee, the pet dropped today! It's sooooo cool! Little phoenix chick following me around!

I don't deserve such good friends! :D
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