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My first fanfic

A little one, for a hundred-word (Harry Potter) challenge one. This week's challenge:

"This week's challenge is all about first times. Not necessarily that kind of first time. Any sort of first."

The instructions sounded so simple: Mount up, give a gentle push.

Feet lift off the ground, a whooping sound (oh, that's me!). Legs dangle, white-knuckled hands clutch. Suddenly, clouds all around! Eek! Ground's so far below!

"Come down! Come down!"

Straight at a wall! (How do you control this thing?!) Through a covered walkway! Up! Down! Up! (Ahahahah! Getmeoff! Getmeoff!) Statue ahead! Loop-de-loop! Snagged! Caught by my robe.

Oh, that's how you get off...

Suspended mid-air. Chance a glance up. Rip, rip.


Falling... caught... falling...

Landed ungracefully. Arm makes poor cushion.


Riding a broom is harder than it looks.

I was sort of nervous submitting it. I'm worried about cliches and other overdone stuff, things experienced fanfic writers would know to avoid but new-me wouldn't. It got a couple of nice comments, so that's cool. I might have to try another. (Back to vacation foo now.)
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