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Mumble mumble iPad

For a fun little toy, the darned pad sure does bring a lot of annoyance into my life.

I had seen this as a joke around long before I bought it myself. How the heck does one carry the iPad? It's smaller than a magazine, so using something like a backpack (or, as it turns out, a messenger bag) is way overkill. It's way too big to fit into a purse.

I bought this messenger bag intending it to be just for the pad, but it's much too big as well. It's a really, really nice bag, I'm not going to return it, but it's way too big for day-to-day work use.

This Engineers' field bag military bag would be a better fit, but do I want to buy another bag for it? (Edit: I think I will. Looks like it'd be a good fit...) (Edit edit: Or maybe not. Olive drab is covered by Prime, so zero shipping. If I want the black (which I do), it's $10 more for shipping...)

As there's so little reception at work, I haven't even been taking it with me lately. Instead I try to read my LJ friends list at home before I go, then just ignore that the net exists while I'm at work.

The few times I take it, I've been carrying it with no bag (just its own "skin tight" case). This worries me though, as I have way more chance of dropping it. Supposedly you can drop it without issue, but I don't want to test that.

When I can get a signal with it, it's the best little toy ever. I took it with me to a doctor's appointment yesterday and they had free wifi. Made the wait seem like nothing at all!

I've googled, and it seems some people are sewing their own bags for it. I've not done any sewing in ages, but that actually seems like it might be the best option...
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