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Material possessions

Two semi-related things!

I bought a new bed today. Even though mine is 13 or 14 years old and kills my back (sometimes it's hard to even stand up in the morning), I had been putting off replacing it. The idea of laying down on beds to test them while other people watch made me really uncomfortable. Luckily I almost got around that, totally by chance: The store opened at 10 AM, I got there at 10:15. Not one single customer was there, and it seemed like no salespeople either! Woo! So I wandered and sat on beds, but alas, eventually a salesperson showed up. He was a nice, helpful person, but I couldn't figure out how to politely tell him to go away. I found one that seemed good, so hopefully it will be! (I should have tested it out more, but I really just wanted to get out of there.) Luckily if it's not comfortable they'll replace it with a different one, harder or softer. It arrives tomorrow, woo!

The other thing is my keyboard. We were talking today, and I was grumbling how my typing seemed to be going downhill. I never forget to capitalize "I"! I never forget to use periods! Then I looked down at my keyboard and laughed.

It's no wonder my shift key sometimes doesn't work! And my period key is in a similar condition.

I used to go through a keyboard in a year (from perfect to the above state), but since I stopped MU*ing they last a heck of a lot longer. Still, this is the keyboard that came with the computer I bought two computers ago, so I suppose it's time to replace it! It's not like I don't have a mess of new ones stacked around here...

At one point in time I envisioned making a necklace of the keys I typed through, sort of like some people wear necklaces made from the teeth of their enemies, but that never happened.
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