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A rare WoW post!

Seems like I haven't mentioned WoW in a while... But before I get to that, a random picture for all non-WoW people! Floating cat is coming to get you!

In WoW news, I'm leveling a mule on the Alliance side, to get ready for Cata. itsbacon is going to take some gold to A-side for me when he switches a character back, so Thistle-the-worgen won't be broke. I'm leveling the mule to 20 because horses are the best mounts in the game and I've never had one! (I don't like the one from jousting, though the DK mount is pretty darned close to perfect.) I wanted to pick an amusing name, and with worgen/werewolves coming... Welcome Dogcatcher! His name sometimes makes quests amusing:

In other news, Haken got a new hat!

Yay! He loves hats that look like animal heads, so this is great for him!

While we were farming for that, the most wonderful staff ever dropped!

It licks! It's even better than that tentacle staff! It's only too bad that DKs can't use staff, so I have to vendor it. D:

We're also farming for the white hawkstrider/phoenix pet, and as the pet has a higher drop rate than the mount, we're all going to end up getting the pet eventually. :D Yet another one dropped tonight!
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