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30 Day Writing (RP!) Meme: Day Three

Remember how I said that so long as the food I cook didn't make me sick I wouldn't grade it an F? Last night's chicken: F! So, as I was sick in the bathroom much of the night and feel like crap now, I'm going to skip exercising this morning and so have time to post this instead. (The chicken was white through, and I'm seriously careful about not having anything that touches raw chicken touch anything else, so I have no idea what happened.)


3. How do you come up with names, for characters (and for places if you’re writing about fictional places)?

Ugh. Names are the hardest part of creating anything for me. I totally suck at it. But sometimes I cheat! I've been Thistle or Thistle-Chaser online for years, so when I needed to name my character in FFXI, I went with Thistle. I didn't get off so easy in WoW, as Thistle was taken. In that case, I made up something. "Okay, start with Th- like in Thistle, then after that..." and I tried out random sounds until I got Thess, and that sounded enough like it could be a name that I went for it. (When Thess changed servers for the first time, somehow Thess was already taken on the new one, so I figured Thester sounded enough like Thess... turns out I hated that name endlessly. When he switched once last time, he got an IC name and became Crowfeathers, which I love.)

Once, where I needed normal people-names (on GarouMUSH) I used a phone book. (It was so long ago we still had/used phone books!) Flipped trough it until I found a first name I liked, then a last name. In later years, I tried using baby name websites, but I never found ones I liked through them.

Rrr, this was a boring question. Oh well, tomorrow's will be better totally embarrassing!

List of all 30 questions here.
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