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30 Day Writing (RP!) Meme: Day Eight | And WoW!

8. What's your favorite genre to write? To read?

Serious, dark, "deadly" stuff. I generally don't enjoy light, fluffy RP, or that "crack" RPing. Gimme torture! Pain! Betrayal! Character death! Darkness! Doom and gloom!

Realism is very important to me as well. (See also: PokeMUSH!) This can sometimes get me into trouble though: Last week, a person on WoW told me he wasn't comfortable RPing with with me and wouldn't anymore. This made me go all o.O . (I'm not really comfortable saying this, but since it applies to the story: I'm one of the better RPers in WoW, so for someone to not want to play with me was just extra boggling.) His reasoning was that my character was too far from lore. My character is a death knight *points at icon*. In my opinion, every DK cannot have the same background. Not only cannot, should not! The idea that every IC character has done the exact same quests and have the exact same experience... thousands of people... Sorry, if that makes me a lore-breaker, so be it, but that just doesn't work for me. (However, I can understand someone not liking other people stretching lore. One of the many, many, many issues with WoW RP is that there's no staff to set how things should be.)

There are exceptions to my dislike of lighter stuff: I love snuggle-wuggle cuddling between characters in love. Silly little days at home doing nothing Earth-shattering. Just the little things.

Man, the above two paragraphs took me over three hours to write, I kept getting interrupted. Hope they read smoother than that!

Looking ahead, Tuesday's question is going to be fun! I'll just need time to write it from home; hermaphrodite elves in space might not be very work safe.

List of all 30 questions here.


In WoW news: Almost halfway through honored on Neitherwing rep! 5K/12K! Unfortunately the second half will go slower, as I had a bunch of one-time quests I could do once I hit honored. Plus, I beat almost all of the races! I think the final one is beyond my abilities, but I beat all the other ones! Woot!

Our second one dropped, almost one week after the first one. I think we only got one pet during that time too? Maybe none, but I think one. Now we're done with H-MGT!
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