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30 Day Writing (RP!) Meme: Day Eighteen ||| And WoW

Now and then I get embarrassingly angry on WoW. I asked the GMs for another name to be freed, and this time I had less hope of it being approved. (Someone on Alliance had it, I could friend it.) Still, it was under level 10, so I asked.

Three days later, I got a reply. They freed it, with the usual "it's free for anyone, so use it fast if you want it" message. Logged off, tried to make it... it was already taken. I seriously pondered deleting my account then and there. This was yet another example of people who work full time jobs losing out on stuff and being behind those who can play 24/7. (Which, really, is a stupid thing to be mad about. I get bored playing WoW as much as I do! I don't want to play it all day and all night... but try to make me remember that when I lose out on something due to work.)

Anyway, stewing and fuming and pondering quitting, I tried over and over to get the name. Who knows what I was expecting (the person who got it to change their mind within the hour and delete?), but, amazingly, on the fifth try I got it. I have no idea what happened, I can't imagine the GM sending the reply before the name was finished being released...

So anyway, now I have Keen! Kianlar tells everyone his name is Keen, not one single person ICly knows his real name, plus he pretends to be a warrior, so I thought it would be good to have Keen the warrior (come Cata anyway, he's a belf). Leveled him to 10 tonight, so hopefully now the name is safely mine.

18. Favorite antagonist and why!

Getting tired of this meme. I should stop and pick it up at some future date. zzz

This answer will be odd, as I can't remember the character's name. On GarouMUSH, I played a serial rapist/murderer. More than that the character was oddles of fun to play, it was a great example of how well working with a staffer could work. I approached the wizard with my idea (I'm pretty sure it was accipiter/Tiski(sp?) ). He had me do an app that was half-character, half-TP. Once approved, he helped me by posting things (so it wouldn't be under my character's name), and keeping me reasonable ("no, you can't kill every night, he would have been caught by now if he killed that quickly...").

I knew going in that the character would die, it was how I wanted the story to end and also was a condition of the app being approved. It actually happened a little sooner than I wanted, but still, it made for some amusing times and I really enjoyed playing whatever his name was.

List of all 30 questions here.
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