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Fanfics, next TV show, and a dash of WoW.

With West Wing in its slowest season (5), it's failing to hold my attention the way it used to. When someone on my flist (sorry I don't recall who!) mentioned epic_recs, I figured I might dip my toes back into the fanfic world. I so very rarely read fanfic now, and I have no idea why.

I picked out a bunch of stories to read, and by chance I started with a DS9 one. DS9! Man, my favorite of the Star Trek series by so far it's in a different universe.

Holy cow, the two fics totally hooked me. It's been years since I've last seen a DS9 ep, but I heard the characters' voices perfectly! (Credit to the writers!) Now I've got a bunch more bookmarked to read.

A random person reccing fics, bironic, put her finger on one of the many things I love about the series. "...the Cardassians have always exuded sexuality with an edge of dominance and violence that I love in villains...". The Cardassians are my favorite ST race, and Garak is my favorite character. And, happily, there are tons of fics about him and them!

So, I think once I'm finished with West Wing, Star Trek: Deep Space 9 will be my next series. I've seen it before (many times!), but it's been so long I bet a lot of it will be like new. (Too bad the timing's a little off. tersa is currently rewatching the original ST series, it'd be amusing if we were rewatching different series at the same time!)

On WoW, YAY! pomr poked me about AQ40 and the four mounts you can get there. They can only be used in that zone, but they do count towards Mountain of Mounts! I got all four tonight, woo! And, since I'm getting closer, I went out and dropped the 8K on a mammoth I hadn't had yet (I have so many fricking mammoths...). 93/100!

(Edit: AQ is an AMAZING zone, I took tons of screenshots. I'm in love with the mobs and the whole place! Best non-RPing time I've had in WoW in a long time. PS: Four-manning the first boss? Bzzt! But we had fun trying!)

CE hippo and the H CoS ones will bring me to an easy-ish (still a ways to go on CE rep) 95. I'm missing five jousting mounts (UGH, so many dailies). I'm missing the WRA rep red drake (neutral rep now). There's another mammoth for 200 heroism emblems (Keen doesn't instance at all, has zero). Could combine the instancing and WRA rep... or joust... neither of which I really want to do. Five mounts should be easy in Cata: 4-5 goblin rep mounts, 1 goblin PvP mount, 3 bone raptor mounts (no idea how hard those will be to get), and likely other new mounts. So... I might just wait.

I'm failing at going to bed early, but sometimes if I don't write these things out they just rattle around in my head and keep me up.
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