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Cooking: Success! (Mostly!)

Based on blogs I've read from other folks who can't cook, a good way to start is to keep making one dish over and over until you can reliably get it right every time, then move on to another dish and another. Of the many foods I miss from New York, chicken ...

Okay, what the heck. I googled to try to find out how the whole name of parm cheese is spelled, and when I entered 'chicken cutlets', intending to type parm next, the first suggested search term was "chicken cutlets bra inserts". Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over. Searching more... wow. "Chicken Cutlets Silicone Breast Enhancers" is a brand name. WTF. Seriously.

Anyway! Chicken cutlet parmesan (which totally looks spelled wrong) is my first goal-dish to be able to cook. It's amazing in NY. Really flat, crunchy on the outside, with yummy sauce and gooey cheese on top.

Step one: Make good chicken cutlets! Alas, the likely deal breaker here is that I'd like it to be as healthy as possible, which means not fried. Today's success was fried (but I made that decision on purpose, to see if my process was right, then I can try to make it bake-friendly).

Second issue is that this would likely not be good for company. I liked the flavor, but I bet it'd be bland as heck for anyone else. (I used just a little salt and pepper, no other spices.)

Egg wash, panko bread crumbs (only ones I had on hand, but basically "plain"), egg, bread crumbs. (I forgot to put flour out, so I just went through those two twice.)

This time I put a crapton of oil in the pan. Enough that the whole bottom was coated even if I didn't tilt the pan. Cooked 3-4 minutes per side.

Turned out really well! Not perfect though. They were a little thicker than I'd have liked, but it was 11 AM and my neighbors sleep in, so I didn't want to pound them too much. Worryingly about half the oil vanished from the pan. I assume it went into the chicken, unless my house is infested with cooking oil fairies. I did drain them on paper towels after, but... I worry how many calories were in these.

The sauce and parm parts were failures, but as I used sauce from a jar and shredded cheese from a bag, that's not surprising. The chicken was what I was concentrating on.

Getting kind of tired of cooking chicken, so I might not try again until next weekend. Still! Mostly a success! If I were willing to eat these fried every time, I'd call it a full success. The only real issue was that they were still too thick, so I could just cut them thinner or pound more to fix that!
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