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I <3 Netflix

Why in the world did I wait until now to sign up? This 'download movies instantly' thing is amazing. Right now I'm watching on my iPad, though soon I'll be able to watch on my TV through my Wii (just waiting for the setup disk to arrive on Monday).

Very much related: Bolt might be the cutest movie I've ever seen. Totally and 100% loved it to death. Just starting Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs now. Since I never see movies in the theater anymore, this is so perfect for me!

I have to call Comcast and cancel HBO. I really should have done that long ago, but now HBO is an especially big waste of money. I watched maybe one or two movies a month on it, and none of the weekly series. I'll be saving a good chunk of money with this switch, and getting a whole lot more movies I want to watch!
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