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It's hard doing the right thing... Fox News gives up even trying to.

Two unrelated topics! One seemingly-related subject line!

During lunchtime I went to the pet store to pick up more food. They have both an adoption center and an enclosure where cats can be kept 24/7 for people to see them. There was this beautiful 10 month old calico I fell in love with. She was the sweetest cat ever! So beautiful! (Calicos are my favorite!) And she kept rubbing her cheek and body against the glass trying to make contact with me. I wanted her so badly! I have the money and room for another cat! And eeeeee cats I love them and I want 394702349057349057091 of them and just eeee!

But my current cat is 18, and for all of those 18 years it has been just her and I living together, no other people, no other animals of any kind. Lately she's been having trouble walking, and she never climbs or jumps (so she couldn't get away to someplace quiet if the new cat bothered her). And what if the new cat became alpha cat because my current one can't fight! And what if she did try to fight anyway and hurt herself or the other cat hurt her?

Still, just to confirm this was a bad idea, I did some googling. All the official sites said older cats could be impossible to get to accept a new younger one (they used 8 years old as "old", ha!). They said if you must get another cat, it's best to get one of the same age/lifestyle... which a 10 month old cat wouldn't be.

SIGH. I want her so much, but I have to do what's best for my current kitty. I have visions of them sleeping together and cuddling and the new cat grooming all the places my old cat can't reach anymore, but... she's lived her whole life alone with just me, this new cat would make ME happy, not her. Hopefully someone else will give that beautiful calico a new home.


News Corporation, the parent company of Fox News, Donates $1 Million to G.O.P. Governors.

"The donation makes News Corporation the Republican group’s single “biggest corporate donor"."

"This donation from News America has allowed the group to double its fund raising for the second quarter of the year. "

I'd say "It's not like even before this anyone believed that Fox News was "fair and balanced"," except... some people really do believe that.
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