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What I did in my 24 hour downtime, by Haken, grade 1

Best laid plans of mice and men...

The 24 hour downtime on my WoW server wasn't going to be a bad thing. I had a crapton of things to do. Shop, clean, and when I needed a break, roll a DK on some up server so I could see the quests again.

Only kink in my plan is that I got sick. Really sick. So sick I don't want to move. I got a little shopping done, and I cleaned the patio, but that's as far as my RL plans got.

Stupid DK quests took 3.5 hours, which was WAY more time than I had wanted to spend on them.

I seem to have some inability to read quest text. I forced myself to read the first few (literally forced, made my eyes move along each line of text), but after the first few I just couldn't be bothered.

I did see enough to make me dislike the quests though, from a RP standpoint. They make you too special, too perfect, too twinky. Perfect =/= fun RP.

And now I shall go to bed. zzz Cold, exhausted.
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