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New RP is exciting RP!

It's so much fun to have Keen back into play! He's eating my brain! Unfortunately having your brain eaten isn't always a good thing. Last night I got less than four hours of sleep (on a weekend! When I'm supposed to catch up!) because my brain wouldn't settle down. Didn't fall asleep until after midnight (hours after I went to bed), couldn't stay asleep, then before 4 AM I was bouncing TIME TO GET UP TIME TO GET UP WHAT IF PEOPLE ARE ON TO RP WITH TIME TO GET UP! At 4 AM. Yes. All the people who stayed up all night RPing would be just going to bed at 4 AM!

I had one of those "tired headaches" all day, the ones you feel behind your eyes. I actually tried to nap (never in my life do I sleep during the day unless I'm sick as a dog), but that failed. I can't sleep at night, what chance is there I'd sleep during the day!

I had three great scenes with him today, eeee! I'm just twitching that the last one didn't happen (we agreed to meet "at night", which for me means anytime starting 5-ish, but for him apparently means later than 9:30...). I need to catch up on sleep tonight, so I logged. BUT I WANT TO LOG BACK IN RIGHT NOW! What if I'm missing RP? BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE.

...quite clearly, I'm going to sleep well tonight. :P I'm tempted to just stay up and RP, but I have to try to sleep. Work on Monday. I won't be able to function if I go two nights with so little sleep.
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