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Most annoying thing I've done in WoW since the last time I did it! (With a happy ending!)

My first 80 was a hunter. I knew no one on the game, I had no guild, I talked to no one. So, when I look back on things I did for the first time on him, I always assume it was harder because I didn't know anything at the time. Sometimes that's wrong!

My favorite hunter pet is the ghost saber. Mr. First 80 used one from level 20-80. After much thought, I figured out that the ghost saber was also my IC answer to Mr. Rapist Stalker! (A pet might protect Keen, but Mr. Rapist Stalker is a big giant guy and could just snap a wolf's or cat's neck... YOU CANNOT SNAP THE NECK OF A GHOST CAT! Bwahahaha!)

So! I hit 20 on mini-Keen and trotted though parts unknown to Darkshore (which I keep wanting to call Darkshire). With my horrible sense of direction, I was certain getting there would be the hard part! Wrong!

I set out with "only" 700 bullets (usually I try to keep 2K on me) and almost ran out by the time I finally got him. Statue #13 spawned the cat! Lucky #13 for a ghost! :D I got more than a whole level of XP just clearing the mobs around the statues, too. Took nearly two hours! x.x

Crowfeathers, the original hunter, had a much much easier time of it. He even messed up the first taming attempt and had to do it again, and he still got it in four statues. Mini-Keen had such worse luck!

But eeee, now I have my favorite pet again! I actually want to XP mini-Keen more now, just so I can walk around with the cat. :D

The IC backstory makes me really happy too. (Some of this is stuff that will happen in the future, Keen's only just barely having the thought that 'hmm, a pet would be helpful...'.) So Keen's started asking hunters how the heck they get a pet, how do you take a wild animal and get it to listen to you, etc. Even in just one night of asking, he's gotten wildly different answers... and some daunting ones too ("it'll take years!"). What I'm thinking will happen is after he gets enough info (nights of talking to hunters), he's going to talk to the paladin he lives with and ask for some time off/more freedom than usual. (But, as he's supposed to be changing his life and not falling back into old habits, something like learning to be a hunter should be seen as a good thing, so he'll probably get the free time.)

So la la la la, he's out sitting around, watching some cats or wolves or something, when POW, something hits him and sits on him and... grooms him? A cat, but it's a ghost! And hey, stop, wait! Why's she dragging him off-- EWW, dead deer! What do you want me to do with that, ca--Arg! I'm NOT eating that! Stupid cat, get off of me! No, I-- arg! Stop licking me! My hair!

Miss Dead Kitty died defending her litter, and she senses the same need for protection in Keen. (Not because LOL PSYCHIC POWERS or anything, but that he gives off fear and looks desperate and starving and stuff.) And as an added connection, I noticed the cat and Keen have the same color eyes! (Though maybe cats are colorblind, who knows!) So anyway, she's basically going to adopt Keen and try to feed him and mother him and boss him around and stuff. (Since he's such a new hunter, makes sense he wouldn't be her LORD AND MASTER AND OTHER CAPLOCK THINGS.)

Tags: cats rule and dogs drool, rp, wow
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