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Happy (some) LJ anniversary to me!

Just a few days late! I made my LJ on August 15, 2002. I've written 4,280 posts, 33,633 comments received, 33,556 comments left by me. Look how close those two numbers are!

(Some) years... I had just moved to California, I was obsessed with FFX (not FFXI yet!), and I had still been MUSHing. My first comment (and the code for my LJ -- you needed a code to make a new LJ way back when) came from mallen, who I'm no longer in contact people (but he was Rory, PokeMUSH folks! He owned byte-me!). The second comment I ever got came from tersa. :D

(Edit: Math fail or year fail? I have no idea! But eight years makes more sense, fits better with how long I've been in CA. Happy some anniversary to me!)

For people with no interest in these facts, have a cute picture instead!
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