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WoW: Am I doing a bad thing? (And RP challenge meme thingie)

So I've been leveling mini-Keen the hunter. Slowly, because I have an 80 hunter already and for IC reasons Keen should be low level, so there's really no rush at all. Mostly I've been leveling through instances.

This weekend, for the first time ever, I dropped party in the middle of a wipe. It wasn't because of the wipe, it was because someone called me a "huntard" and blamed my pet on the wipe -- untrue, I have an 'attack tank's target' macro, and she follows my targeting. Plus, I saw her the whole time, she didn't run off. I figured if they're going to insult me and lie, why take the death with them? (Plus it was Stormwind Stockade, which may be the worst instance in the game. Do blues not exist there? Bosses seem to drop nothing, not even greens. I haven't seen one blue item drop in six runs. Plus, it's an insane long run back there from the GY.)

Once I dropped mid-wipe once, I saw how handy that was. Twice since then I've done it. (For some reason I seem to generally be the last person to die when we wipe, so I can see it coming and drop.) DPS are a dime a dozen, so it's not like it'd be hard to replace me. I just don't care about XP enough to deal with post-wipe insults and a too long run back to a sucky instance. (And I never get the debuff, I have no idea why.)

So... that's probably not so bad, right? It's annoying as hell when tanks do that, but tanks are really hard to replace. I have to wait through the whole queue again for another one (generally 20+ minutes), but compared to running back, regathering, rebuffing and all, it really seems like not much time lost.

Edit: Also, for those not following my IC WoW blog, I posted about a new 30 day IC challenge meme thingie. Since the answers will be IC, I'm going to do it there instead of over here. Wish me luck with getting further than I did on the last 30 days of RP one! :P I may go back to that one yet!
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