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No matter the MMO: *craft*craft*craft*

I had a probably-insane idea, but when it comes to crafting, that sort of thing doesn't stop me. I have 4 80s and one up-and-coming 80, and my professions were all messed up. Mining and herb should be on the same character, and that character should be the druid (nevermind I currently don't have a herb-picker). Alchemy is a profit-profession, and I'd really like two of them for double the CDs. Leather is a joke (just like in FFXI, ha!), next to zero profit there. I still don't have a goldsmith jewelcrafter, and that was the first one I wanted to do...

Crowfeathers: Mining, alchemy (both max)
Thack: Skinning, leather (both max)
Keen: Mining, herbs (200-something, 150-something, spent the last three days leveling)

Crow is going to drop mining.
Thack dropped skinning and leather.
Keen dropped mining and herb.

Thack picked up herb and mining.
Keen picked up alchemy and JC.
Crow will have an empty slot once Thack gets mining high enough for Crow to drop it. Might put skinning here, for interesting Cata skinning.

I bet I've gotten herb to max ten times already, and skinning and mining probably five times each. It feels insane to be doing this again, but I want herb and mining on the same character (it only makes sense, why skip some nodes when you're out, and addons let you toggle between the two trackings every second). Herbing doesn't break flight form, and flight form is instant in/out, so my druid is really the best option for collecting.

At least leveling all these together works. Thack's ores and herbs are fed to Keen for his alchemy and JC.

I do need to figure out what to put into Crow's last slot. I don't really want to do leather again. Blacksmithing never seemed great to me. I have all others covered (Haken is inscription/enchant, big-Keen is engineering/tailor). Picking up skinning might be the best option...
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