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I can take a hint...

So I gave in, I was going to look at the FFIV beta just to see what the graphics were like first hand. How typical an experience is this?

The open beta was closed.

When I finally got into the closed-open beta, the instructions sent were anything but clear and easy to follow. (I actually laughed out loud at how FFXI-ish they were. How many times did the boards have to make step by step detailed instructions with screenshots telling people how to follow FFXI instructions for installing things?)

I logged in on one place. Couldn't log in on the second. Same exact login name and password. Switched from Firefox to IE (just in case). Finally noticed that even though it was telling me my password was wrong, I had a link for the download option...

During that last paragraph, I clicked on the 'reset your password' link. Page said to enter your name or email address to have it reset. Neither box was an input field. Both IE and Firefox, it was just a grey box, cannot be typed in.

Downloaded the installer. Clicked on it. Window died right away. Made sure AV software was off and all programs closed. Tried again. Window died. Just a flash of it there, then gone. "The Final Fantasy XIV Beta Version has stopped working". Rebooted, same results.

Okay, know what? I don't need to see the graphics this bad.
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