Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Patch 4.0, here I come! (WoW)

Busy WoW day. Morning was horrible. I had a ton of housework to do and I needed to eat, but I wanted to get my level. Yesterday I got a whole level fast, today I needed less than 50%.

Worst. Instances. Ever. It took me ten groups and three hours to get that half-level. During those ten runs we killed a grand total of two bosses. Only one instance was finished (so one reward bag), and that was because I joined the party right before they got to it. I was so amazingly miserable, and I just wanted to finish so I could eat and do my RL work.

However, the afternoon/evening was much better! Having hit 51, I decided to try out AV. I recalled the XP was crap nowadays, but I figured I would just poke my head in.

Few hours later and I had two more levels! We had 7 wins in a row, eee! 8th BG was a loss, with crap XP, so I figured it was a sign to stop for the night.

In between all those queues I capped JC and alchemy again (I could have done them yesterday when I hit 50, but I forgot). Now I have to hit 65 so I can finish the two.

Thack re-leveling mining and herb is going. Pre-Outlands was SLOOOOWWWW. Horrible and slow. Then I did Outlands level in an hour or two. Now I just have to do Northrend levels which will be speedy and good money!

In the middle of all this, I'm dealing with this massive download. Everyone else has a tiny little download that's taking them seconds to get. Overnight last night I had a 3 gig update, and when it finished, the next one was 3.97 gigs! *boggle* That second one is running now. Unfortunately it won't download while I have WoW running, so it's slower than it should be. (Supposedly there's a trick for making it run when WoW is, but it doesn't work for me.) Files are named WoW- (and -2), so eee, Cata patches!

Tomorrow Brewfest starts! I decided I'm going to TRY ( <-- Important word there ) not to stress myself out over it. Mini-Keen will do the questing dailies for easy XP. Big Keen will do the boss every day for mounts (he's the mount collector). No one else will have to do the bosses, unless there's something spiffy, like a pet. Which there probably will be. SOB! No stress, no stress, no stress...

Last thing! I got yelled at in one of the many parties I had today. As I'm a hunter, when we're fighting things that run, I toss down a trap to slow the mobs. The tank told me not to, because it slows him down too. And the party backed him up. WTF?
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