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Sadness is... (WoW)

Sadness is getting the Brewfest Kodo in your reward barrel... when that character got it once already. D:

Score for Brewfest so far:

Keen (mount collector) - Kodo x2!
Haken: Kodo
Crowfeathers: Ram
Thack: No mount, but the remote

It's nice how many people are still doing the boss. Even at 6:30 AM, my queue time is one minute or less.

I'm going to stick the extra kodo in the bank (with the FIVE sewer rats I got after his first one) in case one day Blizz makes these things BoA. Probably will never happen, but doesn't hurt to keep it.

I think people are right, the odds for things dropping seem much much higher than usual. I've heard three different reports of people getting both mounts in one reward barrel.
Tags: and isn't it ironic... don't you think, wow
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