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Second try! Satire or scary?

(I tried to post this yesterday, but work got busy and I never got it finished.)

I can't figure out if Dude Foods Blog is serious or a joke... but I'm afraid I'm leaning towards serious. It's all about the food this guy eats. Example:

"I stopped by on a recent Friday night to try their Big SOB Burger, which consists of four 1/3 pound fresh Black Angus patties, three different cheeses (with 12 slices of cheese in total), bacon, grilled onions and diced jalapenos along with fries on the side.

I actually thought the Big SOB would be a little more difficult to finish, but I really had no problem at all. I honestly think I could have eaten two of them. ... I even ate the rest of the chicken wings that my buddy Chris ordered but couldn't finish because he was too full to eat them all. Too full after eating his one patty burger..."

It's not like ThisIsWhyYou', the food isn't interesting, it doesn't ever tempt me to try it. (A burger? Sure! A burger that's well over a pound with a crapton of other stuff on it? No.)

Part of me thinks it must be a joke, that no person could eat the amount of food he does, but stomachs do stretch so if you eat a ton of food all the time you can keep eating that much... Still, the amount of food he listed in this post (not to mention so much beer), just seems impossible. He posts a picture of himself, and if it's to be believed, he's a skinny little guy.
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