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WoW update: Crafting still makes me sad

Mini-Keen is not so mini anymore! He hit 65, so I paused for, um, an hour or so to finish off his professions. Alchemy and JC had been stuck at 375 because of his level. I did 375-450 on both of them in less than two hours. SIGH! I always translate JC as goldsmithing (WoW/FFXI) so I expected/hoped it would be a bit of a challenge, even though I had been told that engineering was the hardest profession (heh). So sad. FFXI's crafting was insanely hard; generally it was harder to get .1 of a skillup (yes, that's a tenth of a skill point) than it was to do 375-450 in any profession I've done (all except BS). Can't we have a happy medium? I don't want FFXI's insane pain, but WoW's is just... god. Just toss a little gold at it and you're done. And by little I mean little. I spent literal fortunes on FFXI skilling, WoW is just like... yawn. It's just... it doesn't feel like I've accomplished anything at all. I've taken almost every profession to max skill, half of them multiple times, and I feel nothing. On FFXI, I felt amazing pride when I got that last .1 and got all my sub-crafts done. RL pride. On WoW I just sort of frowned and sighed and wished it meant something. :/

Oh well. In more positive news, Mini-Keen hit 66 once I was done with that. I like Nagrand, and I need rep there for my talbuk, so I've been questing for a couple levels. While it's much slower, it's SO NICE not to have to listen to teenage boys being idiots. (Pug chat is almost as bad as BG chat.) Two more levels until Northrend flying, eeeeeeeeeee!

In much more positive news, I went on an IC raid tonight! A low level one (Blackrock, um, Lair I think?). The RP was better than I expected, helped muchly by itsbacon, and Harlo and Jell being there. I really liked the guy who organized it though, and I like the DK he hangs out with, so it was mostly a positive night. :D
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