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Movies and TV!

Netflix is a curse and a blessing. I'm starting to get the message that if I haven't gotten off my butt to see a movie in the theater, there's a reason for it. My last couple selections have been real clunkers.

Van Helsing. Worst movie I've seen in a long, long time. Painfully stupid. Horrible. Only very slight positive thing about it was the leading man was attractive, but the whole thing was just so bad that even that wasn't enough to keep me looking at the screen.

Cloverfield. I had higher hopes for it than I had Van Helsing. It was quite a bit better, but still painfully stupid. Almost more painfully stupid because it was supposed to be realistic. I hated that camcorder trick in Blair Witch Project, and I hated it even more here. But mostly it was just that the characters were so unreasonably stupid! "Hmm, there's a monster loose in the city. It can knock over a skyscraper with a wave of its arm. My girlfriend called, said she was trapped. Call cut out. I'll assume she's at home and instead of leaving on the rescue helicopter, return to the city to save her! That'll be just peachy!" All of the characters were endlessly stupid and unrealistic. "Oh yes, we'll walk down the subway track. We're certain there are no trains running! Certain enough to bet out lives!" And, when a bunch of the mini-monsters attack out of the dark, they stay to save the one bitten girl, a girl none of them even know all that much. Seriously. People are in the dark and monsters are attacking, unknown monsters wanting to kill them, and they stay to fight back.

I have Invictus coming next (needed something that would be mother-friendly, since she's coming soon). I have higher hopes for it than the last two.

On TV, this The Event show seems interesting, but unfortunately it's the kind of show that requires you to pay attention to it the whole time, no multitasking. That's a lot to ask! Seems like it might be worth it though, even though I suspect they're trying to make it the next Lost. I really like the jumping around in time trick.
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