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WoW: Done! (Eh, the finished sort of done!)

So much accomplished this weekend! Basically everything!

- Mini-Keen got exalted with Mag'har. He started at level 65, doing all the quests for them. 66-67 was more questing for them and grinding ogres. 67 ended with a run through an instance for a rep quest chain and more grinding ogres. I had intended to finish before hitting 68, and I came darned close! Dinged 68 and needed 1,200 more rep -- basically two more necklace turn-ins.

- When 68 hit, ate my cold weather flying book (YAY!), but stayed to finish rep. Got mini-Keen's talbuk! Now he fully matches big-Keen ICly!

- Thack got mining and herb to 450. Saw Loque'nahak in the wild for the first time! Kept him company until itsbacon's hunter alt could come give him a home.

- Mini-Keen hit 70, got fast flying. He's now "done", woot! 70 is always my goal with my alts. Fast flying, able to do fishing dailies. What more could someone want? :P He'll hit 80 eventually, no rush.

Mini-Keen got the freakiest, ugliest, coolest hat ever! The eyes glow! It's like a freaky mask! He looks like some kind of superhero.

How do you make a tauren uglier? Put it on a ram!

Lastly, it's downright cruel to sheep a hunter. NO! Bad cat! No! Stop!

Starting tomorrow, I have to try to RP more. I've been slacking off, working on mini-Keen OOCly too much!
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