Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Stargate: Universe and WoW

Continuing my trend of posting "(TV) and WoW" posts...

Stargate: Universe is the best thing on TV right now. With each episode, it's becoming more and more Battlestar Galactica-ish, which is nothing but a great thing. It's so dark, so doomed, so... so... just wonderfully dark and hopeless seeming. With each ep, these poor, wonderful characters are spiraling down and down and down emotionally and mentally (and often physically).

Comparing it and Glee is apples and oranges, but if I had to pick between the two, it'd be SG:U without pause or question. Glee is a wonderful show, it's light and bubbly and like a mouthful of cotton candy, but SG:U is like... rich and thick and dark and wonderful. I love every minute of it!

In WoW news, I remember what I forgot to post about last night! With much effort, my little mule got my guild made on Alliance-side! My all worgen (werewolf) guild. :D

Dog collar on the tabard! :D

While I was fighting for signatures (someone tell me why nine people out of ten refuse to sign a guild charter, even when you offer 10 gold and tell them they don't have to stay in it), I kept having second thoughts about walking around with that guild tag -- what if someone thought it was serious? But if someone sees it on a worgen (or Dogcatcher) I really hope they'd get the joke of it.
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