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"No dice were lost in the making of this film"

Best movie I've seen in a long, long time. Forgive the stupid title, it's the only non-perfect thing about it. The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. IMDB link, Netflix link -- play it instantly!

One of the many, many positive reviews of it:

"If you're a gamer, know a gamer, are related to a gamer, or could even be acquainted with a gamer, then you should see this film! ...most of the movie is so full of physical comedy and groaner type puns, that it would be difficult to think ANYONE could finish it without their sides splitting and jaws aching from laughing so hard."

That is so true! It made the gamer in me SO VERY VERY HAPPY. If you ever played a tabletop RPG, or a LARP, or probably even a MMO, you'll likely love every minute of the movie. I laughed loudly so many times! (I'm laughing as I'm typing this, just remembering the parts about the bard!)

It is low budget, but that seems to make it work even better. It's so geeky-funny! And the ending SO TOTALLY ROCKS! The... final conflict part (I don't want to spoil), the different goals a game can have.

I love all the characters, I love the whole story behind the movie, I love how the movie is filmed (it's like a big LARP!). If you have Netflix, take advantage and watch it! It's an instant download! If you don't, try to find it somewhere else!
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