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Short Dinner Report

For those who care:

The bread came out okay, though somehow the oatmeal must have made it thicker or something, and it didn't bake long enough. The crusts tasted good, I just left the middle part. Raisins totally rocked in it. I need to try adding them again. Mmm.

The chicken was eh. Not bad, but not very good. Not so bad I threw it out. For some reason it was a little dry (the booklet said it was impossible to overcook in the crock pot, so I'm confused as to why). The 'chinese roast chicken' spices were odd. I'm going to try teriyaki spices on tomorrow's chicken breast.

If I was on a diet, this must be a good thing. A chicken breast must be a good dinner calories-wise. I need to figure out something else to make with it. Like... vegetables or something...

Must shop over lunch tomorrow. Need spices and broth and some other stuff to put in the pot. I want to try making stew and something with boneless chicken pieces instead of parts.

Anyone know of a good crock pot cookbook? Or a website?
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