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I love these 100-word fanfic challenges. If you want to read mine for this week, ! (Challenge: Heart's Desire - Look into the mirror of Erised. Well, get your character to look into the mirror. What do they see? It's up to you, if you can pull it off in 100 words.)

Throughout the evening, students arrived. Each lifted the cover and peered into the mirror, eager to see their fondest wishes.

"Quiddish champion!"

"Oh, I'm loved! Married!"

"I'm rich! Rich! Rich I tell you!"

Draco decided it was his turn.

Down the dusty corridor he walked, Crabbe and Goyle at his side.

"Wait here," he instructed cooly as he stepped into the room. Alone, he strode to the covered glass, and with a tug exposed the mirror.

...What's this?

Draco leaned in, looking hard at the image. A... container of some sort. What do those words on it say?

'Ferret YumYum Treats'.

(You need to have read the books to get the joke in it.) I'm proud. :)
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