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Cleaning up the screenshot folder... (WoW)

I posted my Sues to warcraftsues, and now here are my personal screenshots. Eee, my screenshot folder is now EMPTY!

Some people have the best RP outfits. Such a hot elf! *licks him* Most of what he's wearing are grey items -- I need to look at those more often instead of just vendoring them!

One of the many bugs in this patch is that I keep ending up as my own pet...

Mini-Keen hit 80! Yay! He'll probably forever be called mini-Keen though, since Rogue-Keen and Hunter-Keen don't have the same ring as big- and mini- .

Fricking fracking... Rat #5 on Big Keen! They're all in my safe, in hopes that one day they might become non-soulbound. (Not likely, but...)

Because of my vacation, I ended up leveling mini-Keen through all quests. (I could knock out a couple quests while my mother was cooking or resting or something, but an hour queue and then an instance or a BG that I couldn't walk away from as needed just wouldn't work.) Luckily mini-Keen is a hunter, so questing was seriously painless. I got to see a ton of quests that I've never done before (even though I have five 80s now). I've always wanted to ride a cat, now I have! Wish Horde would get access to cat mounts... (Edit: I'm stupid, see comments!)

Lastly, there have been a few IC old world raids that I've been going on. They're way, way too long (RP makes everything take longer), but MC was cool! My character took a dragon skull home from this pile of bones! And man, that dragon was big!
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