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The electric company owes me a couple cases of water...

Mumble, mutter. Last week I got a letter telling me that electricity would be shut off to my apartment today between 9 AM and 3:30 PM. This annoyed me, as I'm on vacation this week and home all day, but what can you do? With the letter came some instructions on getting your home ready for being without power. One of them was that things in the fridge could stay only four hours without cooling (freezer was good for 24 hours).

9-3:30 was a good deal more than four hours.

So I broke open my stores of water bottles. Not wanting them to explode (like soda cans do), I opened each and poured out a little bit, then closed them and froze them. This morning I moved a bunch into the fridge and left the rest in the freezer. On top of this, I got up early so I could get all my online stuff done before 9 AM.

9 arrived, and so did power company trucks, so I shut my computer down and unplugged it. By 10 AM, there were six trucks (including a flatbed kind carrying the new transformer they wanted to replace an old one with). A dozen or so men standing around. I still had electric.

By 11:30, still having electric, I decided to go out and get lunch and do the shopping I needed to do. The men were still milling around, no work done that I could see.

Got back at 12:30, all men and trucks were gone. Old transformer was still in place. (It was larger than the new one and scuffed up.) All my clocks still had the right time, so power didn't go off during that hour I was gone.

Never did lose power today. We still have the old transformer. Unfortunately last night I threw out a lot of food from the fridge and wasted all those bottles of water getting ready for the day without power...

Stupid power company will probably reschedule to some other day. I better save those bottles.
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