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Shamelessly stolen from isiscolo, it's:

Q: How did you get into Harry Potter?
Well, I had heard about it for years. People raved about the books endlessly at me, but I usually dislike things that are popular (because usually they suck), so I dug my heels in and resisted the books.  Finally, for some reason I don't recall, I gave in and bought a set of them from Amazon. (People followed my change in attitude towards them through my LJ. Some gently mocked me, some nodded knowingly.)

Q: Read the books?
Read the first book over two nights. Said something like 'Eh, this isn't bad...'. Read the second book and said 'Mmm, pretty darned good...'. Read the third book and drooled. Read the fourth book and pulled my hair out that there weren't anymore out yet.

Q: Where will you be on June 21st (release of the Fifth book)?
Uh. If that's a weekday, then at work. Weekend, donno. I have the book on order from Amazon already, so while I'll likely have to wait a few extra days for it, at least I won't have to resist going and standing on line at midnight.

Q: Who are your favorite characters?
Snape, hands down. There's so much to him, so much past, so much for me to think about. Peter, for all the Snape-reasons more.

Q: Who are your favorite relatively minor characters? (minor meaning they were never the main focus in any one of the books so far)
Peter, Peter, Peter; he fascinates me. I like Moody, but I don't think he's really a minor character. Neville (book, not movie so much), because he's so sweet. Viktor, who seemed so sweet and out of place, trying so hard and all.

Q: Favorite Professor? (If your favorite character is a professor, please pick another professor)
Hooch. I love her to death. Love her hair, her attitude, her character. I hope  to be just like her in 30 or so years.  

Q: Have any HP merchandise?
Not anything official. I have a handmade HP quilt (front, back). I do like having things (figures, if possible) of fandoms I like, but I haven't found much I like for HP yet (but then I haven't looked too hard, either).

Q: Do you relate to any characters?
Well, um. If we're being totally honest here, then Neville. When someone flusters me, I tend to make a lot of mistakes. But no matter the social/confidence issues he has, I think Neville is a good person inside, and I think/hope I sort of am, too.

Q: Do you look like any characters?

Q: Do you act like any characters?
Neville, but only sometimes (see above).

Q: What is your favorite house?
Slytherin, by a long shot. To me, underhanded, sly, tricky ("bad guy") folks make for much more interesting characters.

Q: Is there a house you absolutely hate?
Hufflepuff seems like a pretty useless house, though I don't hate it really.

Q: Honestly, not just because of what house is your favorite, what house would you be in?
Ravenclaw if I was lucky or getting sorted on a good day, Hufflepuff otherwise.  (If nothing else, I'm dependable as hell. Eh, it'd probably be Hufflepuff for me...)

Q: If you were a student, placed in the house you'd honestly be in, what sort of house member would you prefer to date?
While I don't like them as characters much, Gryffindors seem like they'd be the best ones to date... though maybe Slytherin now and then for some excitement.

Q: Okay, suddenly you are a student in Harry's year. Pick someone you'd die to date.
Eh. Draco,  for his looks (yeah, yeah, shallow me...). Does Viktor count? Probably not.

Q: Okay, now you are back in time, a student with James Potter. Pick someone you'd die to date.
Eh. I wouldn't /die/ to date any of them. If there was a gun to my head making me pick one, I guess anyone other than Peter.

Q: Now, you have answered who you can date, now let's talk about just flings. Which Harry Potter character(s) would you like to have nice long shag with, repeatedly?
Malfoy senior. (Oh! I guess he'd be from around the time of James Potter, so he could be my answer to the question above.)  I almost melted when I saw him on the screen.  My god, literally, I just sank down in my seat and stared at him. I'd fall to the ground, bark like a dog, kiss his cane, any damned thing he wanted. He's too sexy to be walking around without a bodyguard (or a Thistle-guard...).
Viktor, because I think he'd be nice and slow and sweet and ... he just makes me wiggle.

Q: One at a time, or all together?
Oh my. Together? Those two seem about as opposite as you can get from each other. How about we just put the two of them together and I watch? Mrrowl.

Q: Who would be your secret HP crush?
Snape. I suspect, if we're talking about just the books and not the fan world, that likely he might not be so good of a person to date, so it'd be better if it stayed as a secret crush.

Q: Is there a character that annoys you to no end, and should you meet them in real life, you'd want to kill them?
Fudge. Whatever Viktor's teacher's name was.

Q: Do you ever compare people to material in the Harry Potter books?

Q: Do you ever privately sort people into houses when you meet them?

Q: Who is your favorite founder?
Based on the books, none. Including fan works? I read a story somewhere that said Snape was a Ravenclaw, and by the way he described the woman who founded it, she seemed pretty cool.

Q: Do you really believe the statement "Not a witch or wizard in Slytherin doesn't go bad"?
'There's not a witch or a wizard who went bad who wasn't in Slytherin' is closer to the correct quote. Correlation does not mean causation, or words to that effect. If all dark wizards were Slytherin, that does *not* mean that all Slytherin are dark wizards.

Q: Do you really blame the founder of the house for all of the out-of-date prejudices that Slytherins seem to have?
Even if  all of the Slytherin had prejudices (which I don't believe they do), I do not think that someone from so long ago could be the cause of it.  

Q: Do you think that Draco Malfoy will actually redeem himself as many fandom folk try to portray him as doing?
I seriously, seriously hope not. He's got too much against him. He's most likely been groomed to be bad since the moment he was born.

Q: Do you think that Professor Snape can actually go back to spying?
I wouldn't think so.

Q: Is there any character you would give your wand arm for, just to see them die? Voldemort doesn't count.
I don't like Hermione at all, but I don't really want to see anyone die.

Q: Is there any character that in the event of their death you would have no qualms about holding Rowling hostage until the author writes the next book and finds some way to bring them back?
Well... I'd be very sad if Snape died, but I could picture scenes where his death would work, so I guess my answer is no.

Q: Do you read fan fiction?
Heeheehee. Yes. Lots.

Q: Where do you usually haunt for fan fiction?
LJ groups and friends pages, rec pages (more rarely), Fanfic Alley sends out a daily mailing list of new stuff. I really can't check the places where I know have the best stuff (slash, slash, slash), because I do 95% of my fanfic reading at work.

Q: What is your favorite fandom pairing?
I don't really have one... Though Peter/* and Viktor/* stories make me happy. I like most anything, other than stuff with Hermione in it (though I can usually handle Viktor/Hermione).

Q: Who was the first pairing you ever read?
Probably Snape? I wish I remembered the first story I read and how I found it, but I don't.

Q: Has the slash bug caught you?
Oh yes.

Q: What sort of pairings are you most willing to read?
I'm really open to anything, other than stuff with the kids in it.  I'll especially avoid any kid/adult pairing.  Other than that, anything goes.

Q: Is there any pairing that when you see it, you want to beat someone over the head with a blunt object? If so, who?
Kid/adult in general, and if you toss non-consent into that, then I'll kill.

Q: Which rare pairing are you currently on a kick about? In other words, reading every fan fiction of them you can get your hands on?
Peter and anyone, Viktor and anyone.

Q: How are you about original characters serving as the main character in a story, particularly in a romance with a canon character?
Eh. I'm not bothered by OCs so much as I am by poor writing. If it's well written and features an OC, I'll read it.

Q: What do you think of when people use alias like DracoMalfoysGurl?
Hate it, hate it, hate it. It's gotten to the point where I avoid stories by people with an FC's name in their name, or names lIk3 tHiS.

Q: Do you think that there is any elitism among authors in fandom groups? If so, who?
Among authors? Well, um. I don't know... In truth, I'm all for "elitism" -- Please, please authors who can write well: Stick together! Push the sucky writers away! It makes it easier for me to find you all and read the good stories!

Q: Who is your favorite author?
Oh, I have lots of them, but I won't name names because if I do I'll likely miss one, and that might hurt that person's feelings.  

Q: What makes you love a fan fiction?
With very, very rare exception, it has to have excellent spelling and grammar. The FCs should be on-character. If you put an FC into some new situation and have them act correctly in character, then I'll likely love your story.

Q: What makes you hate a fan fiction?
Ugh. Poor typing/spelling/grammar. Any, any, any "AOL speak". The FCs acting off-character. I've not yet found an AU story I liked, either.  

Q: How often a day to check fan fiction?
This totally depends on work. Many days I read fanfic for 6-8 hours, but if I get busy, then the total can really fall. On very busy days (a few days a month), I might not get a chance to read at work at all. In general, I don't read at night or on the weekends (and so, you see, I never get a chance to read any slash. Pout, pout.).

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