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November 3: Nano Haiku -- Election Edition

The party of hate
Main goal: Defeat Obama
Congrats on your win...

At least in California, it was a good night. Republicans tried (and thankfully failed) to buy the state.

Carly Fiorina (former CEO of HP) spent $120 million of her own money to try to win a CA senate seat.

Meg Whitman (former CEO of eBay) spent $162 million of her own money to try to become governor of California.

Both lost.

People can spend their own money however the heck they want, but especially in Whitman's case, it really seemed she was just trying to buy her way in. She did not even vote in the last 25 years. She wasn't even registered to vote. And suddenly she wants to be governor?

Fiorina was anti-choice, which is a deal-breaker for me. If you don't believe in abortions, don't get one. If you don't believe in same-sex marriages, don't marry someone of the same gender. That these people think they can force their opinions onto others...
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