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Food, of the cooked variety

Tonight I feel like a chef!

The chicken came out much better than last night. It cooked for nearly the same amount of time, but it was bigger so it came out just right. It didn't taste like too much, but that's still better than yesterday's odd flavor. Made some eh noodles with it, too. But the best part was after it: Strawberries with whipped cream. Mmmm.

Went shopping at lunch. Got some "short rib" things which I'm going to put in tomorrow morning (they're sitting ready with BBQ sauce on them right now). Got two pork chops and a pile of boneless chicken breast things in the freezer for other nights. Got a ton of a variety of spices. Got broths and soups of different types.

A crock pot is highly cool. You come home to a mostly finished dinner. It's like you have someone home and cooking for you all day. I really like it. (And I like better not eating frozen dinners for dinner all the time.)

I can't wait to try the ribs. Hope they come out well.
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