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5 Guys: Return visit | Edit: And the best thing ever!:

Let me start out by saying I feel silly blogging about not just one fast food visit, but two. But this one is a follow up to the first one, a visit based on info left in comments, so here goes!

The goal of this visit was to try their fries. Since I was going at lunchtime, I got a burger and drink as well.

The burger was actually quite a bit better than last time. Better than a fast food burger... but at more than $6 for the burger alone, it darned well better be.

The fries were okay. Better than some fast food fries, but at almost $4 for a small (regular) order, they should be the best fries I ever put in my mouth. There were way more of them than I could eat, I threw out about half (and it's rare for me not to 'clean my plate'). Really though, they were okay at best. Mine were hot from the fryer (I watched them cooking mine), and somehow they were still soggy/floppy. Comments on Yelp noted that about the fries as well, so I suppose that's the texture they intended them to be. Not my style of fries. I'd pick McDonald's fries over them any day, and would pay less than half the price.

Nearly $12 for a burger, smallest order of fries, and small soda. I may go back again at some point in my life, but I can get better food elsewhere for $12, so it won't be anytime soon.

Edit: veloxe sends me the best links!

George Takei Calls Out Anti-Gay Arkansas School Board Member

George Takei for president, I say! Heck, make him king of the world!
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