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Hey, Bliz, crap like this is why I quit FFXI.

I'm so sick of WoW being worse than RL, of it stressing me out more, of it depressing me, of it annoying me to all damned hell.

I had two pre-Cata goals. One was to get a bank tab of poison/recipe quest-starting items.

I have way more than a tab full of them. But guess what! Bliz just removed the XP from the quests they start! Excuse me while I curse up a storm.

Many I fished up, some I was given, but I bought about half of them for hundreds of gold each. I estimate that I spent about 13,000 gold on them. and now they're worth about 10 gold each.

I hate XPing. I hate questing. I hate instances. I dislike BGs. These items were to help some alt get around the things in the game I dislike. But now? Worthless.

Add this on top of yesterday's news, that they're basically removing the one item from the game that I make all my money selling. The item I have 500 stacks of mats saved up so I can keep making and selling... I was saving up so many because I thought the beginning of Cata would be THE perfect market for it.

I am so very very pissed, and so royally sick of this game.
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