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If you use words wrong, I will write you a strongly worded email!

Afternoon TV is pretty darned bad. You can watch Judge Judy or one of those knock-offs, soap operas, or old reruns. Generally I opt for a local news talk show, 7 Live.

It's not a very good show, but it's better than the "news" show it replaced (they treated ghost stories, psychic stories, ancient Chinese energy herb blah blah whatever stories as Real News, as real as, well, real news.). One of the hosts of this new show keeps saying things like:

"This is so exciting! Twitter is literally exploding with news of it!"

No. If Twitter were literally exploding it would be, well, literally exploding. (And boy would I be happy.)

So, having nothing better to do, I spent an hour tracking down an email address for her and sent her a strongly worded letter about her abuse of the English language. I fully expect to get a "lol y u mad?" sort of response back.

Unrelated, this is a pretty cool video. So creepy! Really good work on the lighting and music.

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