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Looking for love on the battleground (WoW)

Bored, I tossed mini-Keen into a random BG, just to see how it'd go. Surprisingly, I had a good time! I used to love PvP, but then I burnt out and hated it endlessly, but I guess I got over that! I did three or four BGs and one WG (with all the quests) and had enough honor to upgrade TWO pieces! So much faster than doing it with instances/JPs! Mini-Keen now has just blue wrists and trinkets that need upgrading.

It was kind of funny, PvPing after my dream about it the other night. Rogues would leap out at me and I'd be all "*grin* Why hello there! Wanna go someplace quieter-- HEY STOP STABBING ME OWOWOWOW THAT HURTS! *dead*". It was really quite distracting! :P

So with his two upgrades, Keen's doing better damage. Not great damage, but at least not so low I'd be worried about being kicked out of pugs for sucking. (Not that I do pugs, but still!)
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