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Um... thanks GM? (WoW)

Last night I was doing a nToC on Keen. We were on the last part, with the black knight. Being ranged, I was standing away from the melees, I guess I had my back to the instance exit. The boss did that move where he lifts you up and "strangles" you for a moment, then tosses you back.

He tossed me right out of the instance. o.O I zoned back into Dal and had to use 'teleport to instance' to get back in. Amusing but not a help on my DPS!

A boss removing you from the instance had to be wrong, so I filed a GM call just go give them a heads up. I got a reply back this morning. He told me to not stand with my back to the exit.

Um. Thanks?

I know you have to have situational awareness in these things, know where AoEs happen and such, but this seems to go beyond that. It cannot be expected behavior for them to have a boss remove you from an instance. (It would be amusing if so, but...)
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