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Can't I at least go back to WoW dreams? (RL)

Sometimes it seems the worst part of stress dreams are how unoriginal they are. The night before last I had a dream that I decided to go back and finish high school because a college degree was important so I wanted to go. (WTF brain, I HAVE a college degree already!) So I signed up for high school... then couldn't remember how to get to the school. Then when I finally got there, I lost my schedule so I didn't know which classes to go to. Someone told me, then I couldn't find the classroom. All that was needed to make it 100% cliche was for me to find the class and end up having forgotten to put pants on.

Last night I had a dream that the world was ending. Often that situation wouldn't make for a bad dream, but in this case it did. I somehow found the last few humans, and then POOF, they all just disappeared when I blinked my eyes, leaving me alone with a bunch of mutant animals that were all fleeing in the same direction from Something Horrible. I stuck around to look for the other humans instead of fleeing as well. (WTF?)

I'm starting to think I have to rethink my Just Say No policy to drugs. I can't even count how many years I've been sleeping badly. Waking up every couple hours and taking hours to fall back to sleep, sleeping so lightly my heartbeat wakes me up. (Seriously, this morning I keep hearing some sort of knocking/pounding sound, it would startle me awake and then I'd realize it was my heartbeat.) I'm tired of never getting enough sleep. A good night is four or five hours of sleep. So very tired. The idea of drugs scares me though. I worry about taking anything I could get addicted to, or something that would make me sleep deeply enough that I'd miss someone shouting about a fire or breaking in or something. (Yeah, I have a smoke detector, but a couple years back the other end of the apartment complex was on fire and someone came around banging on bedroom windows to wake people up.)

Blah. *tired stress puppy*
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