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The BS is chin-deep (RL)

I need to stop watching TV, or maybe just stop watching the news, it keeps pissing me off.

A school district here wants to show anti-bulling films for grades K-12. Included in this film are all family types -- mixed gender, mixed race, same gender, same race. Of course, the religious people are up in arms about OH MY GOD, KIDS BEING EXPOSED TO THE EVIL OF SAME-SEX COUPLES. Note: There is no sex in these films, nothing sexual is being talked about, only families are discussed (how different people can have different families).

The "logic" (and it pains me to use that word) of the religious peoples' arguments is that they don't want their kids to see the movies, and if the kids don't see the movies with the other kids, they'll be bullied for not seeing it.

Gods a-fucking-bove. Well then how about you drop the hate and let your kids see that OH MY GOD, GAY COUPLES EXIST AND THEY DON'T HAVE HORNS AND POINTY TAILS AND OH MY GOD WON'T TURN YOUR KIDS GAY JUST BY THEM SEEING IT R&*$&R)$&!@()$&@!

There. Happy now? You've made me type in all caps and random-character curse at you.


Edit: #*&$)!@&$) This woman is saying that same-sex couples "are in no way equal" to non-same sex couples! SHE IS CLAIMING SHE IS TOLERANT, SHE IS NOT A HATEFUL PERSON, BUT SAME-SEX LOVE IS NOT THE SAME SO KIDS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO KNOW IT EXISTS. *froth* Of course she didn't say "same-sex love" because, duh, gay people can't love! (#&$&()!@&$)!)
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