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The movie of the weekend: Isn't.

I generally watch one Netflix movie a week; this weekend's movie surprised me by being only 35 minutes long.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury

An animated story, picking up where Pitch Black ended, created by Peter Chung (the guy behind Aeon Flux).

Who remembers Aeon Flux? An animated series that aired on MTV in 1991. It was a series with a strange style, the characters had really odd proportions, and the images were often very strange and generally sexual.

Dark Fury has that same style of animation, which for me knocks me out of the story a bit. (Humans just don't look like this!) Half of the animation is traditional, and half is really bad computer animation. Ignoring the style, the traditional animation was often impressive (the weightless fights seem really realistic!), but it's really hard to ignore the style though. Faces just don't look like this!

Voice acting gets an A+++++++++++++. Anything with Vin Diesel would. His voice, mmmm. *melts* The other characters seem, um, okay. Hard to judge around him though!

The story was good, but all in all this felt like one episode out of a cartoon series, it didn't feel stand-alone at all.
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