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I don't even know how to describe this (LJ post by some amazing person I don't know). Wonderfully written, scary, accurate... and fuel to further my wishes to live elsewhere.

Links to it have shown up in lots of other LJs (as evidenced by the few hundred comments it has), but I'm posting it here to help spread it further.

I can't even pick out one quote that worries me most in it, but here's one of them:

"And as of Friday all faculty and staff have been ordered by the district (which gets its directions from the state, which gets its directives from the US Department of Education) not to speak against the war or the government in the presence of our students. Not asked, ordered."


God forbid we give children an alternate side to this so that they could *gasp* think about it and come to their own opinions...

Grr, mutter, grr.

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