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The good and the bad (WoW, RL)

The bad/scary first: Sarah Palin considers the Bushes blue bloods. The Bushes. George W. Bush. A blue blood. Royalty.

I'm not sure what's more funny, the idea of the Bushes being blue bloods or that Palin's position makes her think they are.

Bush drinks name brand beer! Proof he's a blue blood!


In WoW, eee! Haken the evil mean ol' death knight has a new pet!

And it sings to him! It's so cute!

That plant vs zombies minigame seemed impossible at first, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn't bad at all.

I need to remember how to make a screenshot into a "photo" in Photoshop (with "tape" showing on the corners and a border and such) so I can post it in his IC journal. :D
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