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Cat advice?

I'm out of ideas, but I'm posting just in case my lovely flist has any good ones.

My cat is very old (17-ish, my vet says she's "ancient"). She has a hard time walking around (poor girl sometimes falls over while walking, her back end gives out). I decided to buy her a new cat box. The old one was "normal" in that she had to lift her legs way high to get in and out, the new one is for handicapped cats -- the front is maybe an inch or two high, the other three walls are normal sized. It has a cover on it. (Her old box had a cover as well, I've always used covered boxes.)

Problem is, she's taken to standing inside the box, but sticking her butt out the door so she's peeing outside the box. She poops in the back corner (she used to do both in the back corners), I have no idea why she's turning around to pee.

Today she had three paws inside, and one back paw outside the box when she peed, so she peed on the edge of the box (and floor, of course).

I've started putting "weewee pads" (those puppy training pads) outside the door of the box to catch her pee, but that requires me to change them a few times a day.

Any idea on how to get her to go back to peeing inside the box/turning around to facing the opening? I don't want to bother or disturb her too much when she uses the box, the last thing in the world I want is her deciding the box isn't someplace she wants to use anymore.

The box is very slightly smaller than her old one. The cover is different in that the old ones were rectangle but this new one is curved. This is the box and this is the cover. I could try removing the cover, but then I'd worry she'd both pee and poop over the edge...
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